Monday, 23 November 2015

swimming sharks

I swimming  we were learning about breathing and catch up arms. Catch up arms is when you hold one arm out front and when the other gets up to the hand you do another big circle with that arm.  I think I'm going okay with my breathing but I still need to work on rolling my head.  I'm lifting my head up instead of sideways.  

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Te tuhi

My Reflection 
We were learning about collage and photo chop. I chose a landscape inspired collage. First we had to rip up some pieces of colored paper,then we got some carbon paper and place a photo from a calendar and traced bits of the photo. Then we cut out bits of the pic and pasted them on to the paper and used water paints to paint some arrears and then we are done.
I need to work on my cutting.      

Monday, 9 November 2015

Joshua ant the three houses

I was learning to wright a narrative, I thought it was really because i used two
I chose to share my learning by creating …
I thought it was … because …
My next step is to ...

term 4 week 5 blog recount

Nerr nerrr that is is the sound of the trim pump not moving the stern leg. "Dad" I yell as he just walks up the jetty. "Yea" he yells back walking back down  the jetty. He is thinking at this stage this is bad.

"It's bad" I say the trim pump is not working  "o no" dad says he says so were siting there with the tools out and tisco man (dad) trying to fix the trim pump. So in the end dad went to get the truck and started to witch the boat up and the mum shouted "stop." "Why" dad asked,  and mums said you're winching the truck and trailer into the water. So in the end dad disconnecting the oil pipes from the trim pump. So the stern leg is flexible, then dad could final winch the boat up on the trailer. Wen we got up on  falter land we used a tie down to hold up the motor.   

"This was a huge hassle I really want not to happen again" I say to dad. "you're rite" he replies. Mum and Tevin agrees.      

Friday, 6 November 2015

Narrative Framework

My Reflection
I found this really easy because I know the story little red riding hood really well.
My next step is to wright my own Narrative Writing Planner.  

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Determining Credibilty

In class Mrs Melville had set a bit of a challenge for us. We had to find out which website we would trust more. I chose dog resort because you can look on there web cams and see the moving dogs.     

Monday, 2 November 2015

Building the wood shed

Last weekend dad and me went to bunnings warehouse to get some corrugated plastic for the wood shed we are going to build.

 My dad wanted  commercial corrugated plastic but they didn't have any, so we had to normal stuff. Once we got home we started to measure up the wood  wore the frame.

Unfortunately my dad thought the sheets of  corrugated plastic were 20.8 meters long butt they are 20.4 meters long 
so we had to make some last minute changes to the planks. 

Dad thew the first sheet of corrugated plastic on which went well then he told me to go get the no more gapes and full up the gaps on the side. Meanwhile dad was fixing the corrugated plastic to the frame with screws. After that the second sheet of  corrugated plastic went on and the process  repeated. Now the wood shed  is now completed my dad  decided to demolish the fence between the garden and the wood shed. With the left over planks I  decided to make a path though the garden to the wood shed. Dad said this is going tho be helpful when I go to get the wood  at night.