Monday, 23 November 2015

swimming sharks

I swimming  we were learning about breathing and catch up arms. Catch up arms is when you hold one arm out front and when the other gets up to the hand you do another big circle with that arm.  I think I'm going okay with my breathing but I still need to work on rolling my head.  I'm lifting my head up instead of sideways.  

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Te tuhi

My Reflection 
We were learning about collage and photo chop. I chose a landscape inspired collage. First we had to rip up some pieces of colored paper,then we got some carbon paper and place a photo from a calendar and traced bits of the photo. Then we cut out bits of the pic and pasted them on to the paper and used water paints to paint some arrears and then we are done.
I need to work on my cutting.      

Monday, 9 November 2015

Joshua ant the three houses

I was learning to wright a narrative, I thought it was really because i used two
I chose to share my learning by creating …
I thought it was … because …
My next step is to ...

term 4 week 5 blog recount

Nerr nerrr that is is the sound of the trim pump not moving the stern leg. "Dad" I yell as he just walks up the jetty. "Yea" he yells back walking back down  the jetty. He is thinking at this stage this is bad.

"It's bad" I say the trim pump is not working  "o no" dad says he says so were siting there with the tools out and tisco man (dad) trying to fix the trim pump. So in the end dad went to get the truck and started to witch the boat up and the mum shouted "stop." "Why" dad asked,  and mums said you're winching the truck and trailer into the water. So in the end dad disconnecting the oil pipes from the trim pump. So the stern leg is flexible, then dad could final winch the boat up on the trailer. Wen we got up on  falter land we used a tie down to hold up the motor.   

"This was a huge hassle I really want not to happen again" I say to dad. "you're rite" he replies. Mum and Tevin agrees.      

Friday, 6 November 2015

Narrative Framework

My Reflection
I found this really easy because I know the story little red riding hood really well.
My next step is to wright my own Narrative Writing Planner.  

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Determining Credibilty

In class Mrs Melville had set a bit of a challenge for us. We had to find out which website we would trust more. I chose dog resort because you can look on there web cams and see the moving dogs.     

Monday, 2 November 2015

Building the wood shed

Last weekend dad and me went to bunnings warehouse to get some corrugated plastic for the wood shed we are going to build.

 My dad wanted  commercial corrugated plastic but they didn't have any, so we had to normal stuff. Once we got home we started to measure up the wood  wore the frame.

Unfortunately my dad thought the sheets of  corrugated plastic were 20.8 meters long butt they are 20.4 meters long 
so we had to make some last minute changes to the planks. 

Dad thew the first sheet of corrugated plastic on which went well then he told me to go get the no more gapes and full up the gaps on the side. Meanwhile dad was fixing the corrugated plastic to the frame with screws. After that the second sheet of  corrugated plastic went on and the process  repeated. Now the wood shed  is now completed my dad  decided to demolish the fence between the garden and the wood shed. With the left over planks I  decided to make a path though the garden to the wood shed. Dad said this is going tho be helpful when I go to get the wood  at night.          

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

blog recount


"sharks it't you swimming time" shouts Mrs Melville,
"YES" I whisper I love swimming. When we get down to the pool everyone rushes to the changing rooms to get changed. Peter,Joshua and me don't have to get changed because we were wearing our togs underneath our school uniform. So I take off my shoes and socks,rip off my shorts and T-shirt,run out of the changing rooms. 

By the time I  get out of the changing rooms there are three girls out and no boys. When I jump in the pool is freezing! Once everyone is out from the changing rooms Mrs Melville asked us to make a whirl pool, that didn't go well, fore me at lest. The whirl pool starter of big and then turned in to a rectangle.
 After that we did some relays,I was in group two in my group I had Aaron,Peter,Damion,Nadia,Jayden,Nick,christian and me. unflinchingly  we lost. Then we had free time  I chose to get out and go back to class. 

Fact or Opinion Follow-up

I found the first activity really easy.  But the second  activity was really hard. I need to focus on being able to recognize the anthers fact to support the opinion.     

Friday, 16 October 2015

Probability with yathzee follow-up

in this piece of work i was learning about probability. I found this piece of work surprising because ot was completely new to me.  It was tricky because I found the concept quite hard.  My next step is to keep working on proabability. 

Friday, 25 September 2015

Tree Planting

Room 28/29 went tree planting behind the field. I liked this because when there is an earth quack and there are no trees on that slop it will just slide away. But when there are trees there it wont  slide away because the routs will hold the soil together. I hope we can do more tree planting.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Improper Fractions

I found this piece of work easy  because I know lots about fractions 
The challenging thing thing is that all the fractions are in the tow digest
Next time I need to work on some thing harder    

Friday, 4 September 2015

Geometry 3D shapes

I am learning geometry  faces,edges,corners,rectangular, prism cube and cylinders. I think I did very well in this activity. It was a little bit easy but next I will move onto something a little more challenging.   

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Blog Recount

Thursday last week we had some Japanese students come to our school. They arrived in a rather large coach. I think they were a little bit scared at first but the got use to it. The year 5 and 6 got together and welcomed them with a big Porfiri. first there was a haka that was performed by the kapa haka group then we sang i a e a then e karunga. After all that matua fienza said his mihi then mathu. then the Japanese students sang a song or two. finally the japanese students kindly set up a few games for us to play. once that had happened I went back to class and the buddies for the Japanese students stayed behind to collect their buddies. the year 5 and 6 had their morning tea later than the others at lunch all the boys did the haka to send the  Japanese students off .

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Haiku Poem by Nathan

My Reflection
In class I am learning to wright Haiku poems.I have created slid show to share my learning. My next step is to put more interesting words in my next Haiku poem.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Explanation Writing Brainstorm by Nathan

I think I did well on this activity. My next step is to not do so much  in the instructions.
next time I should bullet point it and just do notes.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Chapter 2 Kensuke's Kingdom task

I think I did well in this activity.I managed to complete this task.My next step is to complete a activity like this in shorter time.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 1 Task

My Reflection
I found this peace of work easy because there was no challenge in it.
Next I would like to work on some thing with meat in it.

Explanation Writing Brainstorm

                                                what to do in a event of an earth quake
        Earth quakes are very dangerous that's why I have wighten this peace of writen.   If you listen my instructions it could save your life. In the event of an earthquake  get under a fairly strong table then cover your head and neck with your hands and hold on to a leg of the table to stay put. Earthquakes are unpredictable so in the event of an earthquake drop cover role as fast as lighting.
DROP COVER HOLD it cold save your life

Friday, 31 July 2015

Learning about explanation writing

My Reflection

I have been learning about explanation writing. I now know that explanation writing tells us about how somthing works. I found this quiz easy because I know all the answered. My next step is to write my own explanation writing. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Solving multiplication problems using repeated addition

My Reflection

I was learning to solve multiplication problems using repeated addition.
it  was tricky because I got stuck on the last question.
my next step is to keep practicing this strategy.                                                          

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Making Inferencing Activity

My Reflection
                                   In this piece of work I was learning to infer
                                   I can now use the information that I have been given to infer
                                   I am proud of my work because i completed all of the tasks.
                                   It was tricky because  the third question I got stuck on.
                                   My next step is to move onto the next stage.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Kaitiaki art

My Reflection
This is my Kaitiaki art. I drew this because we were learning about the Maori Guardians.
my next step is to work faster.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Term 2 Week 9

On Saturday the 13 a very special well for me. Because it was my birthday. :) Gus what I got,a model V8 engine! From my dad. I was stoked when i received it. I'm still building it. man is it hard  building a V8 engine. it is mainly made out of plastic. I'm really liking it, now let me tell you what else got. I got a sound detector that is so cool.It actually works it as been really useful lately. I also got a balloon racer I know you're probably thinking what  is that, well let me tell you. It is a mini car that is powered by a balloon. and that is it so by. :) 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Colour Poem

My Reflection
We have been learning to write colour poems using similes and metaphors. We thought about feelings to go whit the colours. I worked with Joshua to complete this task. My next step is to write my actul colour poem

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Term 2 Week 4 recount

Te Tuhi is near our school. Last week me and room 29 went to Te tuhi. We went in the school van because Mrs Melville war hi-heals that day. Any-way once we got there we meet-up with the rest of the class because the school van only carry's ten people. Then we all went into the art studio and Jermy talked to us about what we are going to do to day. We were going to make part of a vertical garden. We made them out of plastic bottles. first we cut of the bottom of the plastic bottles, after that room 29 drew designs on them. Next we all put a little bit of pumas in before the soil so wen we and water in the plant doesn't sit in water for decades. I was one of the first to finish decorating the bottle so I was one of the first to finish. 

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Term 2 Week 2

This week I enjoyed the inquiry launch. We played games and had lots of fun. First up we had music with mrs Taljaajd. we learnt songs and much more. After that my team went to Kelly sports and had a challenge. I had a grate time I hope we can do in again. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

100 Word Challenge

It was a dark scary night. Me and my dad were camping in the woods. I woke up to empty my tank  when I suddenly saw an over grown troll creep out from his cave. His teeth are as sharp as knives, his eyes are red. You never want to see this guy, he is disgustingly goresome! He always comes out at night and is never alone. I ran back and told dad and we packed up as fast as we could and raced home. My heart was pounding as fast as we were going. I was freaked out "aaaaaaaa"! Once  we got home I looked out the window and...  

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Nathan pepeha

This is my pepeha.  I have been learning to introduce myself in Māori using my pepeha.   I also created some art to display my pepeha.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Term 1 Week 7

This week I enjoyed the 100 word challenge. We had to wright a story using 100 words. 
We had a picture to gide us. first we planed together as a group and then went away and
wrote our own story.  

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Charlotte's Web Stereotypes

 My Reflection

In class we have been reading charlottes web.  Our teacher has created this activity so we learn about stereotypes. I think I have don a very good job .next time I need to use different words because, as you can see I have used lots Of the same words.     

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Place Value, compare numbers L3 Challenge

My Reflection 
I was learning to read numbers up to the millions and to say which is bigger or smaller.

The thing that helped me most was:
- remembering to look at the left to see if the digits are bigger
- realising that the success criteria doesn’t change when the numbers get bigger
- seeing patterns in the numbers that don’t change when they get bigger
- practising on Mathletics

Place Value, compare numbers L2 Challenge

                                                                          My Reflection
                I was learning to read numbers up to ____ and to say which is bigger or smaller.

The thing that helped me most was:
- using my basic facts to help with bigger numbers
- remembering to look at the left to see if the digits are bigger
- realising that the success criteria doesn’t change when the numbers get bigger
- seeing patterns in the numbers that don’t change when they get bigger
- practising on Mathletics


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Term 1 Week 4

This week I enjoyed playing with youth town. We learnt about team work. We played a game  that included team work.  after that we talked about how we can improve. There was one thing I was aiming to do of corse  have fun!!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

African praise poem

My Reflection
 I have learning to wright  a African praise poem. I found this peace of work hard
 because it was hard to find a animal to describe my self. The easy part was thinking 
of some words to describe my family.    


Friday, 13 February 2015

My 2015 Welcome post

Welcome to my Year 5 learning blog. This year I am in room 28/29 and my teachers are Mrs Graham and Mrs Melville. I enjoy being a motor bike rider. This year I am looking forward to the sleep over. I hope you enjoy my blog and leave lots of comments.