Tuesday, 20 October 2015

blog recount


"sharks it't you swimming time" shouts Mrs Melville,
"YES" I whisper I love swimming. When we get down to the pool everyone rushes to the changing rooms to get changed. Peter,Joshua and me don't have to get changed because we were wearing our togs underneath our school uniform. So I take off my shoes and socks,rip off my shorts and T-shirt,run out of the changing rooms. 

By the time I  get out of the changing rooms there are three girls out and no boys. When I jump in the pool is freezing! Once everyone is out from the changing rooms Mrs Melville asked us to make a whirl pool, that didn't go well, fore me at lest. The whirl pool starter of big and then turned in to a rectangle.
 After that we did some relays,I was in group two in my group I had Aaron,Peter,Damion,Nadia,Jayden,Nick,christian and me. unflinchingly  we lost. Then we had free time  I chose to get out and go back to class. 

Fact or Opinion Follow-up

I found the first activity really easy.  But the second  activity was really hard. I need to focus on being able to recognize the anthers fact to support the opinion.     

Friday, 16 October 2015

Probability with yathzee follow-up

in this piece of work i was learning about probability. I found this piece of work surprising because ot was completely new to me.  It was tricky because I found the concept quite hard.  My next step is to keep working on proabability.